Better Forecasts.
Better Ops.

Utilize artificial intelligence to accurately forecast surgery duration times in minutes.

Increase Revenue & Decrease Costs!

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The Opollo Ecosystem

A cloud-based AI platform which learns from a wide range of healthcare data to yield more accurate surgery duration forecasts in minutes, without requiring the implementation of workflow changes, in addition to providing a marketplace for healthcare facilities to sell the resulting operating room vacancies to health insurance companies.

The efficiencies gained from more accurate surgery duration forecasts and the marketplace result in increased revenue growth and cost savings for healthcare facilities.

Revenue Growth

$6 million annual revenue growth

Cost Savings

$5 million-$12 million annual cost savings

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The Most Expensive Asset?

The average OR costs $1,200 per hour to operate. Less than half of surgeries in the U.S. start and end at their scheduled times. The overall price of the scheduling chaos? More than $30 billion per year.

With over 30% of US hospitals held back by negative operating margins
, hospital administrators, staff, surgeons, and patients all bear the cost of inaccurate surgery duration forecasts.

Opollo™, our cloud-based artificial intelligence algorithm, accurately forecasted the durations of one year's worth of surgeries at a healthcare facility. Opollo's more accurate surgery duration forecasts could have saved this particular hospital about $10 million per year and generated $6 million in additional annual revenue growth.

Opollo™ in the News

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The Power of More Accurate Surgery Duration Forecasts

Innovation in Operational Excellence for the OR

"Better Forecasts. Better Ops."

Revenue Growth

Optimized scheduling to increase OR suite throughput and generate more revenue. Also, a marketplace which connects healthcare facilities with excess OR capacity to insurers seeking to dispatch more patients to efficient, high-quality, low-cost facilities.

Cost Savings

More accurate surgery duration forecasts result in $5 million-$12 million annual cost savings for healthcare facilities

No Workflow/Staff Behavior Changes Required

Surgery duration forecasts are reported in number of minutes. No additional workflow processes need to be implemented.


Designed to connect to existing systems without modification

Medical NLP

Utilize medical natural language processing of medical documents to feed an artificial intelligence model

Adheres To The HIPAA Safe Harbor Deidentification Method

Opollo™ doesn't store protected health information (PHI)