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February 21, 2019

Welcome to the first Opollo Technologies Newsletter! As a contributor to Opollo Technologies during our startup journey we are excited to share our newsletter with you. Here you will gain direct access to product and business updates, special announcements, news, and more.

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In the News

Buffalo Business First spoke with Opollo Technologies about our success at Startup Grind and the long-term plans for our Buffalo-based startup.

Our personal favorite quote is from none other than our CTO, Pete Turner: “I was like ‘Oh, my god, where is the optimization? Where is the hard tech? Where are the field machine learning algorithms?’” He asked the question and is now part of delivering the solution!

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Opollo Technologies appeared in the Blackstone LaunchPad blog after a 3rd place finish in Blackstone and Techstars Startup Grind National Student Pitch Competition. The exposure provided by this competition allowed our team to conduct more customer discovery interviews with healthcare facilities. We also had the opportunity to present the Opollo Ecosystem to leadership at Blackstone Equity Healthcare.

Product Updates

This is less of an update and more of an introduction to our development of OpolloTM, our surgery duration forecasting artificial intelligence algorithm. This algorithm is the starting point for the Opollo Ecosystem.

With OpolloTM, we are focused on three key factors in our initial deployment: Validity, security, and flexibility.


How often do scheduled surgery times align with actual operating times? As with so many questions in social sciences, it depends. One excellent resource we’ve found is a 2015 paper from Fugener, Schiffels and Kolisch. The authors noted that variability and the problem of running too long or too short are major causes of complexity. Moreover, not every surgery will have the same discrepancies and variances.

Our product faces those problems head-on. To perform comparisons between standard surgery scheduling tools and OpolloTM we run a horse race to compare the percent of surgeries that fall within 10 minutes above or below the scheduled time. So far, Opollo is outpacing the industry standards by 2-3X. However, we are continuing to refine our models to improve performance.


As a business associate for healthcare facilities, Opollo Technologies is required to meet HIPAA compliance regulations and guidelines. But more than that, from the start we have made security of PHI (patient health information) our priority. By deploying Opollo™ to AWS GovCloud, we are demonstrating our commitment to exceed privacy and security expectations.

Flexibility & Interoperability

A senior director of operations at a major healthcare system told us during a recent conversation that access to standardized data would relieve a heavy burden in his professional role. Healthcare IT News notes that the average health system has 18 different EMR vendors. OpolloTM is designed from the ground up for rapid deployment with modular back-end services to ensure that our team is ready to connect to multiple EMR systems. In other words, standardizing data in surgery scheduling is the name of the game.

Interested in a demo? Reach out to ryan@opollo.ai to schedule one today!

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